Skate Twins, South Bank.

Simliar pale blue caps, same dark blue jeans, similar check shirts,same trainers, same skateboards.

Pony Tail Twins, London

Same black court shoes, same black tights, same long black coat, similar black leather bags, same pony tails.

Denim Jacket Twins, London

Same skinny black jeans, same white tops, same denim jackets.

Purple Scarf Twins, London

Same black leather shoes, with small heel, black trousers,
same grey cardigan with detailed colar, similar over the
shoulder leather handbag, same purple scarf.

Denim and Legging Twins, London

Same denim jacket, same black legging.

Brown Handbag Twins, London

Same black jackets, same denim hotpants, same black tights,
same brown leather handbags.

White T-shirt Twins, London

Same very dark blue jeans, same white T-shirts, same sandals.